Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Much has happened in the last few weeks.  We continue to be amazed when we look back and see where we were a couple of months ago.  Bob continues to improve and those who see him can recognize no sign that he nearly died on August 4th.  God did answer my prayer for a miracle and each morning when I wake up and Bob is with us, I am reminded of this.  

Some people live their whole lives and never see a miracle up close.  We did and my hope and prayer is that we will never be the same as a family again.  I want us to love each other more deeply, care more for each other, be kinder to each other, be more thoughtful to one another, be patient with each others failings and rejoice more at each of our victories. I want others to be able to see Jesus living in us and making a difference in our lives so that they will want what we have. I don’t want us to take one another for granted and more than that, I don’t want us to take God for granted.

How do we know it was a miracle?  We know.  Four vital systems for life were shutting down, his heart, his kidneys, his brain and he had pneumonia.  They told us he likely would not live out the rest of the day at the least and not more than a few days at most.  We discontinued life support and prayed for a miracle and God answered yes to our prayers. The medical people in the hospital told us Bob was a miracle but we did not know to what extent.  About 2 weeks after Bob was discharged, he went to see the man who had administered the EEG tests.  This test determines brain activity on a person in a coma and how much and so on.  He told Bob that in over 20 years of doing this type work, he has never had anyone who measured as poorly as Bob did on the EEG test to ever wake up.  He called it a miracle. 

Bob also looked up the EMT’s who came to our house when he had his cardiac arrest and they said it was a miracle and that less than 2% who have such an event make it.  Our neighbor across the street who is in the medical profession said it was a miracle.  A friend of ours at church, who is a physician, looked at Bob’s medical records and he says it was a miracle.

Why God chose to answer my prayer for a miracle, I don’t know.  We did not deserve it more than others.  We are certainly not closer to God than many of you, but perhaps God knew we would try to make a difference every day in the people we came in contact with for the rest of our lives. My advice is to pray specific prayers continually for the needs in your life.  And pray expecting God to hear and to answer.

 I can't bear to think of life without Bob but God would have brought me through it and I do trust Him completely. Once again we are still so grateful for our miracle.

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