Thursday, June 19, 2008


I have highlighted two of our 18 special grandchildren on my blog. I will get around to all of them even if it takes me all year because they are all special in their own unique way. Today I want to talk about Rose. She is the youngest child of my oldest son Jimmy and his wife Misty. I introduced you to her oldest brother Drew in my last post. As I thought of some of the thoughts I wanted to capture about Rose, I tried to think of the things that make her special. She is a adorable 9 year who is real comfortable in her skin. She is self-confident, happy, funny, smart, graceful, fun, and of course we think beautiful. She looks just like her mother did at that age and her grandmother, Shirley before her.

We had the privilege of attending Rose's ballet recital on May 17 this year. She has been studying ballet in a classical ballet studio for about 5 1/2 years and that is why she has so much poise and is graceful. Ballet does that for the dancers. They may never go on to become a professional dancer but the dicipline of the training molds the muscles in the body in a unique way to produce the gracefullness ballet requires. It has been so much fun to watch her progress from the tiny little child to the young lady she is now.

Rose seems to be real happy being herself. I think her parents are showing her they value her and know she is special. Life seems to go smoother for those of us who are confortable with who we are and I am praying that will be the case with sweet Rose. I pray she will always feel loved and cherished by all of us and that strong love will keep her safe and pure as she grows up. I love you Miss Rose.

Monday, June 9, 2008

What Make a 15 year old young man special?

What makes a 15 year old young man special?

Our 15 year old grandson Drew Williams received his Eagle Scouting award on May 19th. Drew is a part of a group of 8 young men who started their scouting journey in third grade. One of the young men moved away but the remaining 7 young men agreed to stay together as a group and to pursue the goal of Eagle Scout. All of the seven were awarded this coveted achievement on that night. To achieve this goal is extremely hard but for all seven to complete the task is remarkable.

Drew is a handsome 15 year old who plays tennis on the school tennis team, is active in his youth group at church and in his scout group and is on the honor roll. He is an artist and very mature for his age. Robert and I were fortunate to be at the banquet before the awards ceremony and at the ceremony where Drew received this remarkable award.

Of course a young man who achieves all this has to have a great set of parents and Drew has a great dad (our son Jimmy Williams) and wonderful mother, Misty. Misty and Jimmy are involved in all of their three children’s lives. Jimmy is an assistant scoutmaster and has been a big influence on Drew being where he is. Drew has established some valued life skills that will help him in all his future endeavors along with a strong spiritual foundation which will guide him in the days to come.

Requirement 6 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application was to write his Life Purpose and Ambitions. The rest of this paragraph is a quote from his paper. " My career and financial successes are not at all what my top priorities are for my future though. I aspire to be someone to be remembered, not just someone who did well and made some money. As a Christian raised in a God-loving home and an active member of a church youth group at First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, Texas, my number one life goal is to be a living witness for Christ in all areas. I want to live as an example to follow. In my eyes, my life is worth nothing if I never use it to make a change in someone else's. As a Christian I strive to be somebody's door to Christ, and help lead them toward a new life."

This is a tribute to the achievement of Drew to reach this point in his life. It is also a grateful acknowledgement to his fine parents who chose long ago to demand the best of their children and to demonstrate these same elements in their own lifestyle. We are extremely proud of Drew but equally proud of Jimmy and Misty for the way they are raising their children.