Respect For Parents

Recently, I was reminded about the lack of respect some children have for their parents.  The idea, respect for parents comes from that oldest of books, The Bible and it is mentioned in 4 different books.  The first mention is of course in Exodus 20:12 and is part of the original 10 comandments.  In fact it is the first commandment and it has a promise - that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.   The last mention is in Ephesians 6:2.  Nowhere does it say honor them if they are a good parent, or if they deserve it. It just says honor them. 

Of course we all know parents who are not deserving of the love and respect of their children, but God commands them to honor them anyway.  I have a nagging strong feeling that we will be treated with the same level of honor and respect by our children as we show our parents.

 Respect for all adults starts with honor your father and your mother. We live in an age where young men and women treat their parents badly but they also treat their teachers and bosses badly as well.  Most do not value what the Bible has to say about honor and respect.  Like so many other issues concerning character, the standard starts in the scriptures. 

I am grateful that my children have shown me the honor and respect that God has commanded them.  I cannot imagine the pain and anguish of someone who does not have the love and respect of their children.  There probably is no greater pain and there is nothing that can compensate for it.

I was wondering if the lack of respect for elders is because of the growing numbers who have turned away from God and the lack of belief that the Bible is the inspired word of God and the disintegration of the family. Something to ponder.     

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