Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holloween 2007

Our family is growing so much we seem to always have some new little ones for Holloween. This year is no exception. This year our baby spooks were Cody age 6, Carson age 3 1/2, Memphis age 15 months, Kadence age 18 months, Jayden age 11 months and Ryan age 10 months. Memphis is the cute little spiderman, Kadence is the precious frog, Jayden is the adorable duck and Ryan is the cute skunk. These little ones are so cute and we are in for some wild times. I can only imagine what Christmas will be like with four little ones under two years old. What fun!! We are blest.

They all seemed to enjoy one another a whole lot but I am learning I have got to learn how to baby proof my house. It has been so long that I have forgotten what it has been like. I have dangerous things all over the place so I have my work cut out for me before Christmas. You have to watch them all the time. They will drink from one another's cups and I assume grab each others pacifiers and so on. Things are destined to only get wilder as we learned that our youngest son Brad and his wonderful wife Megan are going to bless us with another baby in June. Kadence's parents, Michael and Andy are going to bless us with another baby girl either in December or January.

Memphis's mom Megan is an acomplished photographer and she took all these photos. I want you to notice the budding photographer in little Memphis. Isn't that a hoot.